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Lightning USB Connector CableThe sleek Lightning standard of connecting cable has many advantages over conventional USB connectors: lighter, smaller and more durable than its competitors, it is the perfect match to Apple's refined family of products. Now you can purchase Powerflex's fantastic new Lightning connector cable for yourself Durable, Compact DesignFeaturing a more compact and streamlined connector head, the Lightning connector cable slots easily into the USB port of any compatible device, even if a case is equipped. Its smaller, 8-pin design is considerably more rugged than the 24-pin variant of USB-C cables, making it less liable to snap under pressure.Apple MFi Certification GuaranteedIn order to ensure that the Lightning connector can be used with all iOS 8, iOS 9.3 and iOS 10 devices, each cable contains a microchip which has been certified by Apple. This handy chip guarantees compatibility and makes sure that each cable will continue working for longer Providing faster and more secure charging for your device of choice, the Lightning USB connector by Powerflex is a must-have for any serious Apple devotee. Purchase one today, and get the most out of your iOS device of choice What's Included?1 x Powerflex 1m Lightning Cables - White